Fulton Shirts 'N Skirts Square Dance Club
(Guest Dancers are always Welcome!!)

Our Upcoming Club Dances Are:
September 30:  Free Get Acquainted Dance (see flyer below)
October 7: Free Get Acquainted Dance (see flyer below)
October 14: First Class/Club Dance (*).  This is the first week
of square dance classes. 
October 21: Class/Club Dance (*)

 (*)  Class/Club Dance format:
7-8:30pm Class Square Dance Lessons with Round Dance In between 
8:30-9:30+ Club Plus Tips
Dave Eno Calling, Phil Eno Cueing

Lessons are starting in October.  
If you think you might like Square Dancing come to our 
Get Acquainted Dances to give it a try!! 

Download our 2015-2016 calendar here.
Download our 2016-2017 calendar here.

The Shirts 'N Skirts of Fulton, NY are a Modern Western Square Dance Club that was founded in 1954.  The club’s objectives 
are to engage in any activity devoted to the enjoyment, encouragement, promotion, and social development of square 
and round dancing.  We are a member of the Rochester Area Federation (RAF) of Western Round and Square Dance.

Cost is $5 per person per night.  All ages are welcome.  Those under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
For more information, please email information@shirtsandskirts.org or call (315) 591-0093